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Our home is basically a library. Even before my wife got her first book published and people started sending her free books on top of the dozens we buy every year for every reason beyond and including mere reading, we were completely flush with tomes of every kind. When we first met, we dated long distance - she in Chicago and me in Austin - and one of the ways we connected across the miles was by having our own personal reading club, which still exists to this day. Which of course means fully one quarter of our books (at least) are doubles. Still, there’s always room for more.

Everybody Come Alive

I was secretly listening when my wife asked her editor if I could design the cover of her new book for her. To say there was some hesitation would be an understatement. But my wife persisted, telling them I’d designed one of Brené Brown’s covers - and the tone immediately changed (thanks Brené!) A million thanks to art director Joseph Perez, who kindly gave us free rein to make this cover exactly the way we wanted


The Color Purple

After completing my wife’s book cover with the good folk at Penguin Random House, they reached out to us to create the cover of a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. We created this custom-lettered version as an homage to the original 1982 design. Art direction by Roseanne Serra.


Rising Strong

I knew next-to-nothing about Brené Brown’s work before working on this cover for her 2015 release. Fair to say I’ve become a lifelong fan since. Art direction by Greg Mollica.

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